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history, medieval, renaissance
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Once a young girl lived her entire life at the top of a tower;
Lost in her dreams and the bits of reality that floated in the window:
A feather became a phoenix friend
A sprinkle of raindrops on the window ledge--a storm she but barely survived.
A bare thread of song on the winds--a beloved soulmate just out of sight.
That was all well and good for a child, even a young maiden. But what now? Now she is a maid, and they do not tell stories of old maids up in towers.
She peers out her window to the world below
To the young ranger walking silent on a mission all his own.
To the philosopher unaware of the trees he passes as he teases out life's threads.
To the fae elf king calling his dark Selkie maiden from the lake’s moonlight.
She would go down to them. Cut her hair and leave her dreams. Brave her dreams.
But how would
she live?
What would she
Climbing down,
she is alone.
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Be Quiet... by VertFey Be Quiet... :iconvertfey:VertFey 3 1 Completely Guileless (Dalek Week 2015: Lies) by VertFey Completely Guileless (Dalek Week 2015: Lies) :iconvertfey:VertFey 30 8 The London Zoological Society: (Agents Only) by VertFey The London Zoological Society: (Agents Only) :iconvertfey:VertFey 7 7 My Lord Attolis by VertFey My Lord Attolis :iconvertfey:VertFey 7 2 Innocent by VertFey
Mature content
Innocent :iconvertfey:VertFey 5 0
The Highland Ballgown by VertFey The Highland Ballgown :iconvertfey:VertFey 29 10
Strays: A Steampunk Story Part 3
 Jacob stared at the two on the log. Now what?  Yes, he still hated Alan and planned to turn him in, but he had expected Alan to eat the food himself. God knows, he could use the extra food. If not that, at least be selling it to another soldier or trading it with one of the girls who followed the camp. Giving it to a kid, and not just any but Benny who Jacob actually liked, had not crossed his mind.
 By the look of it, Benny sorely needed it. He was even skinnier than the last time Jacob saw him. He’d thought they left Benny safely back at the border when their regiment had moved out into contested territory. Yet, who had moved into border camp after they left? By the layers of bruises on Ben's face, someone who had taken serious exception his presence.
Explains the change in behavior alright. Jacob couldn’t blame Benny for being skittish. He had been there before, a little older mind you, but hunger is hunger and bruises like that make it awfully har
:iconvertfey:VertFey 3 2
Rescue from the White Devil
Escaping the "prison" Hong Kong had locked me into wasn't very difficult; and I immediately contacted my queen. Now I was finally back on my ship, participating in this blockade, and trying to stop the bloody traitors from trading with the stuck-up, idiotic "celestial empire."
I was suddenly called to assist with a blockade runner, and joined my ship to the rest of the navy. There in front was Hong Kong leading the charge, dressed like a Chinese pirate with a wooden sword. Honestly. You would have thought this was a child's game. I didn't really like the idea of fighting a child, but if China was going to send his smaller, more vulnerable provinces to fight with me, that was his business. The child wasn't mine to protect, and I had my colonies to think of. So we opened battle, and easily outnumbered China's fleet, and won.
Little China dresses in the best fighting clothes. Red Pirates with pretty red sails. He will fight for the Great One or die with honor. Glaring across at the Evil O
:iconvertfey:VertFey 11 4
Strays: A Steampunk Story Part 2
     "Hold it right there, whoever you are. Stand and report."   
     Private Jacob Bauer froze, trying to resist the urge to pull his own pistol out as well. He had had the barrel of a gun pointed at him one too many times to be comfortable in this situation. However, the voice was a commanding authority, and if he didn't want to be executed like one of the criminals he hunted, he better behave. He straightened up slowly, silently cursing his own stupidity, the stupidity of his interfering commanding officer, and the fact that his target was once again slipping away. "Private Jacob Bauer of the 212th Company, Sir," He reported as he should, though is tone was anything but pleasant.
      Corwin lowered his revolver and swore internally. Of all the men to catch Al. Catch him again. Corwin corrected himself internally. The one to haul Al into Lars' tent had been this man; and he'd smiled as he'd done it. A grim hunter's smil
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What a Happy Smile Hides by VertFey What a Happy Smile Hides :iconvertfey:VertFey 8 0 The Reluctant Lady by VertFey The Reluctant Lady :iconvertfey:VertFey 2 0 Freedom (WIP) by VertFey Freedom (WIP) :iconvertfey:VertFey 11 2 Widow's Walk Part 1: A Steampunk Story by VertFey Widow's Walk Part 1: A Steampunk Story :iconvertfey:VertFey 1 4
Strays: A Steampunk Story Part 1
    For the first time, Corwin actually saw Al leave the table. Despite watching him intently all through Mess, Corwin almost missed it. His disappearance was so natural.
“You kicked me!” screeched Dale.
   “Did not!” His for once innocent twin,David, protested. A shoving match and yelling from annoyed soldiers ensued. Al laughed good naturedly; the fight grew; and Al wasn’t there at the end of the fight his secret kick had started.
    How did a body that tall manage to move so smoothly in and out of the tent?
Corwin practically tripped trying to exit in a more normal fashion. But just as he stepped out, he caught the slight movement of Al's hand disappearing inside his coat pocket before their convict blended back into the darkness.
  Just as Corwin stepped out, a new ruckus started, "Hey, you took my roll, you sneak thief!" roared one of the few larger and rounder members of the 212th.
   "Did NOT." fired bac
:iconvertfey:VertFey 4 2
Echoes of the Roberts by VertFey Echoes of the Roberts :iconvertfey:VertFey 7 0


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Wow I have so many beautiful favorites that I forgot I had....^_X


As a single person among many couples and also has as an artist, I have to say I love this. Never seen one like it. Such a true and iro...




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I should be doing my chores
“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.” From Winnie-the- Pooh by A. A. Milne

A shy dreamer who scribbles many things that seem quite thingish at the time till she has to go back and edits them.

A Lover of: Books, Writing, chocolate peanut butter cookies, C. S. Lewis, Ballet, Ireland, Japanese anime, Tolkien, long flowing dresses, sushi, Steampunk, LARP, Jesus and drinking tea on rainy days.
OH GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL SUMMER YOU ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can write and draw to my heart's content as two of my three jobs are on break for the year. My goal is to do rather more of both this summer with a bit of sewing to boot. I'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy.  So please look forward to more from me
~ Happily Yours
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